How to Sleep in an Airport

You may now be curious about this odd idea of sleeping in airports and you may be asking yourself one (or all) of the following questions: Can I really sleep in an airport? How do I do it? What should I bring with me? What tips do you have to share with us airport sleeping newbies? Well, here are a few tips that we have gathered over the years. We hope these help you get started in your airport sleeping adventures.

Always have a backup plan

This is the most important tip for anyone who voluntarily sleeps in airports. Some airport officials are not totally supportive of the airport sleeping idea. Although you won’t be kicked out of a large majority of the airports listed on this site, you will be asked why you are there, why you are not in a hotel like a normal person and they will ask for proof that you are flying out the next day. So BE PREPARED to answer those questions and present your outbound airline ticket! They seem to not appreciate us using the airport as our personal hotels — go figure!?!? Our airport guides provide you with information such as the availability of airport lounges, WiFi, transit hotels, 24-hour food options, showers and much more at over 800 airports around the world. And you can also read airport reviews from travellers just like you.

Be prepared

When reports of an upcoming snowstorm, hurricane or erupting Icelandic volcano are in the news a few days before your trip, you really have no excuse but to go to the airport prepared for a longer than expected airport stay. Here are some recommended items for your airport survival kit:

A cheap inflatable raft • eye shades (or sunglasses) • ear plugs • bottled water and snacks • Entertainment: personal music device, laptop, books, magazines, travel diary • headphones • alarm clock • tissue/toilet paper • disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer • An airline blanket and/or pillow (borrowed – NOT STOLEN!!!) or a sleeping bag.

Final Tip: If you are travelling solo take a pen and some post-it notes. Write a “Wake me at 5:00 AM” note and stick a few on yourself and the seats around you — it works. People will wake you.

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